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Stephanie Mitchell, Level 3 Certified IFS Therapist

Stephanie Mitchell is a Certified Level 3 IFS Therapist, psychotherapist, teacher, and consultant in private practice in Adelaide Australia. She specialises in working with complex trauma and experiences which often get labelled as “mental illness”.

Stephanie is interested in how healing and change occur in the human-to-human relationship, within spaces of safety and acceptance and outside the constructs of diagnostic labels .

Stephanie works from a deeply compassionate place that believes that all patterns of behaviour, thought or feeling come with important and valuable, hidden meanings, and that as the client and therapist work together to listen to the parts who hold these important and previously unknown meanings and offer them a space to be heard, witnessed, and deeply understood, that deep change and inner transformation is stirred up.

Stephanie’s initial training included 3 years of advanced studies in transactional analysis, and she has since trained in open dialogue, family systems therapy, person centred therapy and Yalom group psychotherapy, before moving over to working exclusively with Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. Stephanie is trained to Level 3 in the IFS Model and has undertaken extensive supervision, additional training, and person work within the IFS model.

Believing that a therapist can only take a client as far as they themselves have travelled, Stephanie has undertaken her own long journey of healing from significant childhood trauma over many years of psychotherapy and human loving.

Stephanie has over 500 hours of her own personal therapy with an IFS Practitioner and is deeply acquainted with her own parts, embodying the IFS model from the inside out.

Stephanie is also a passionate advocate and activist for social and systems change towards non-pathologising and compassionate approaches to mental distress and is involved at national and international levels around mental health reform.

Stephanie is excited to be collaborating with Professor Ian Whitmarsh and Professor Sharon Lawn around an international research study on the IFS model and Psychosis.


Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Stephanie Mitchell has an employment relationship with Connections Heals. She receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc. She has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Stephanie Mitchell has no relevant non-financial relationships.