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Navroop Sood

Navroop Sood, M. Prof Couns, is a highly skilled and compassionate trauma therapist specializing in the complexities and impacts of trauma within interpersonal connections. With a deep understanding of the profound effects that traumatic experiences within relationships can have on individuals' mental, emotional, and relational well-being, Navroop is committed to creating a safe and empathetic therapeutic space. Here, clients can explore their experiences, process their emotions, and develop resilience. 

As a registered psychotherapist with the SAC (Singapore Association of Counselling), Navroop upholds the highest standards of professionalism and ethical practice. Her extensive qualifications include expertise in Attachment-focused EMDR, Brainspotting, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), Ego state work, and Somatic Experiencing. Drawing on these modalities, combined with a deep understanding of trauma and attachment dynamics, Navroop employs a holistic approach that integrates talk therapy and somatic work to facilitate profound healing and personal transformation. 

Navroop is known for her heart-centered, compassionate, and calming demeanor, which contributes to creating a safe and nurturing environment for her clients. She firmly believes in empowering individuals to transcend their pain and discover a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. Through her unique integrative technique, she assists clients in enhancing their cognitive, emotional, and behavioral outcomes, guiding them on a path of growth and resilience. 

Beyond her clinical work, Navroop is a dedicated mental health advocate. She is actively engaged in raising awareness about trauma and the importance of trauma-informed care. Through speaking engagements and educational initiatives, Navroop strives to foster a more compassionate and supportive society, where individuals affected by trauma can receive the necessary care and support. 

By integrating various therapeutic approaches, Navroop empowers clients to navigate the complex layers of relational trauma and cultivate healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Her commitment to the well-being and healing of her clients is unwavering, and she continues to expand her knowledge and skills to provide the best possible care. 

Integrative EMDR, Somatic Therapy & Compassion-Focused Techniques for Relational Trauma and Attachment Wounds

Navroop Sood
6 Hours
Audio and Video
Nov 01, 2023
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Digital Seminar
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