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Digital Seminar

The Web of Shame in the Therapeutic Space: Implications for Trauma and Other Therapeutic Modalities

Christiane Sanderson, BSc., MSc.
6 Hours 02 Minutes
Audio and Video
Oct 06, 2022
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Digital Seminar
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Shame is a painful emotion that we all encounter... particularly if we’ve suffered a traumatic experience which has left us with feelings of hopelessness, defeat and self-hatred.

With no one to confide in, our clients may feel unable to cope with their trauma, leading to destructive symptoms such as avoidance, addiction and even violence toward self and others.

And as we know... clients feeling overwhelmed and unwilling to reveal their wounds is one of the main reasons trauma can be so difficult to treat.

That’s why we worked with internationally recognised trauma expert Christiane Sanderson, MSc., to bring you this recording focused on shame and how to recognise and release it within the therapeutic space!

You will learn the origins, function and symptoms of shame so that you can spot it in your clients even when they are doing their best to shroud their pain from the world.

Learn exactly how to treat shame through a range of techniques, strategies and experiential exercises which are fully integrable within your current practice, no matter the approaches you’re using.

These research-backed and practice-tested techniques have repeatedly proven themselves throughout Christiane’s 30+ years of experience working with shame-inflicted and traumatised clients.

We cannot allow our clients to suffer in silence... don’t miss out and discover the tools you need to bring your clients out of solitary despair and toward healing, connection and self-compassion.



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Christiane Sanderson, BSc., MSc.'s Profile

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Christiane Sanderson BSc, MSc, is a former senior lecturer in Psychology at the University of Roehampton, of London with 30 years of experience working in the field of childhood sexual abuse, sexual violence and complex trauma. She has delivered advice and training for parents, teachers, social workers, nurses, therapists, counsellors, the police and faith communities. She is the author of Counselling Skills for Working with Shame, Counselling Skills for Working with Trauma: Healing from Child Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violence and Domestic Abuse, Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse, 3rd Edition, Counselling Survivors of Domestic Abuse, The Seduction of children: Empowering Parents and Teachers to Protect Children from Child Sexual Abuse, and Introduction to Counselling Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma, all published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers. She has also written The Warrior Within: A One in Four Handbook to Aid Recovery from Religious Sexual Abuse Across All Faiths and Responding to Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse: A Pocket Guide for Professionals, Partners, Families and Friends for the charity One in Four for whom she is a trustee.

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