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Digital Seminar

Cultural Competency and Trauma-Informed Care for Working with Trans and Trans BIPOC Clients: Create a Welcoming and Gender-Affirming Safe and Trusting Environment

Rizi Timane, LCSW, PhD, DSW
1 Hour 34 Minutes
Audio and Video
Jun 29, 2022
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Digital Seminar
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In the current world of ever-increasing political attacks and proposed policies in our schools and at the government level—which discriminate against trans youth and adults as well as seeks to criminalize and erase their mental health and other gender affirming care—trans emotional trauma is on the rise.  In addition to dealing with gender dysphoria, trans people are hearing and seeing their very existence being questioned and devalued causing a spike in anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation.

The last thing a trans client needs at this delicate time is to come to you for mental health support only to inadvertently be hurt yet again. Not deliberately, but for a lack of the specialized knowledge and insight needed to truly care for this especially vulnerable community.

In this recording, watch Rizi Nasele Bamaiyi Timane, LCSW, DSW, a Certified Trans-Sensitivity and Diversity Trainer to ensure that you are ready and confident to provide informed care from the very first moment that you begin engaging with trans client.
After attending you’ll be to:

  • Accurately use the right name and pronoun
  • Avoid the most common barriers trans clients face in therapy
  • Utilize trans specific trauma informed care as early as the first session
  • Foster trust, safety and connection pathing the way for sharing
  • Provide a trans safe zone to ensure you can make treatment progress

When the trans client can trust and see you as an affirming caregiver, the therapy sessions will transform for both you and the client as they will open up. Dr. Timane’s session will help you expand your practice with confidence by declaring yourself and your practice as being not only LGBT friendly but specifically, Trans affirming and safe!


Planning Committee Disclosure - No relevant relationships

All members of the PESI, Inc. planning committee have provided disclosures of financial relationships with ineligible organizations and any relevant non-financial relationships prior to planning content for this activity. None of the committee members had relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies or other potentially biasing relationships to disclose to learners.  For speaker disclosures, please see the faculty biography.


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Rizi Timane, LCSW, PhD, DSW's Profile

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Rizi Timane, LCSW, PhD, DSW, is an entertainer, producer and Clinical Director at The Happy Transgender Center, which provides an annual Transgender Surgery grant to Trans people in need of gender confirmation surgery but who can’t afford to have it. Rizi, through Rizi Timane Consulting, is also a public motivational speaker and provider of Transgender Cultural Competency Training to corporations, schools and other agencies seeking trans cultural sensitivity training nationwide. Rizi’s trans diversity training is approved for continuing education credits for mental health professionals nurses and physicians by the relevant accrediting bodies


Speaker Disclosures:
Financial: Dr. Rizi Timane maintains a private practice and has an employment relationship with the Happy Transgender Center. He receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc. He has no relevant financial relationships with ineligible organizations.
Non-financial: Dr. Rizi Timane has no relevant non-financial relationships.


  1. Utilize key terminology/acronyms when working with diverse populations such as transgender individuals and transgender people of colour.
  2. Determine the major barriers to social services, mental health and challenges facing transgender persons and transgender people of colour.
  3. Apply trauma-informed concepts to work with culturally diverse and transgender populations.
  4. Utilize strategies to create a welcoming and gender-affirming environment for culturally and gender diverse individuals.


  • The Need for Cultural Diversity in Mental Health
    • Learn Cultural competence with diverse populations
  • Trans BIPOC Clients
    • Become a culturally sensitive affirming mental health provider
  • Intersectionality of Race, Gender identity and Sexual Orientation:
    • How to apply trauma-informed concepts to working with culturally diverse and transgender populations

Target Audience

  • Addiction Counselors
  • Counselors
  • Marriage and Family Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Social Workers
  • Other Mental Health Professionals

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