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Digital Seminar

CORE SKILLS FOR WORKING WITH COUPLES - A practical day of active training in essential skills, interventions and knowledge.

Ari Badaines, PhD
One full day
Aug 26, 2020
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Digital Seminar
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Working with couples can be very challenging and asks a great deal of the therapist in different ways to working with individuals. This training day is designed to give therapists an opportunity to learn systemic concepts when working with couples and participants will learn practical skills and tools to build confidence in this area of clinical work.

Participants will be introduced to ‘Systemic’ thinking which is central to effective couple work. Additionally, adaptations of Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) to couple work is included in this workshop with practical applications of ‘Best Hopes’, ‘Miracle Question’ ‘Scaling’ and ‘Exceptions’. The essential skills of ‘Circular Questioning’ will be a key feature of this workshop. Participants will learn how to engage with couples, keep the session progressing and manage many of the difficult and complex issues that can arise.

Training methods: Ari discusses each technique, then provides live demonstrations of the key skills before trainees practise them in structured exercises. The format is designed to be practical with a strong focus on couple skills. 

Here is what people said about Ari's recent training for PDP:

"I will be using your circular questions a lot. I am so impressed with this course and so pleased I choose to do it. Thank you and your staff."

"Many thanks Ari. I appreciate watching you scaffold these circular questions so skillfully. I will certainly work to integrate in my practice."

"I have really enjoyed every aspect of this seminar. I have got a lot out of it."

"The workshop's been great! I definitely need to incorporate more circular questions in my practice."

"Thank you for one of the most valuable learning opportunities I have ever had! Your passion for what you do is inspiring and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this training."   

"Best, most informative workshop so far and just what I needed… Can’t wait to put these skills into practice!"    

"Ari, I loved it - the work, the group, your management and generosity and humour. Thank you!"    

"Absolutely brilliant (What can I say?!) Thank you so much for the privilege Ari."

"I loved the experiential training - please organise more with Ari. I feel he was very much himself and it allows spontaneity and good learning."    

"This workshop was such a powerful, engaging experience and the skills that I will take from this will be so helpful in my therapy practice. Wonderful, thank you!"

"A fascinating workshop. Interactive and experiential, Ari had the ability to keep us engaged and interested and explained in a clear way making sure we 'got it' before moving on. I would recommend Ari's training and will do more with him again."



PESI Australia, in collaboration with PESI in the USA, offers quality online continuing professional development events from the leaders in the field at a standard recognized by professional associations including psychology, social work, occupational therapy, alcohol and drug professionals, counselling and psychotherapy. On completion of the training, a Professional Development Certificate is issued after the individual has answered and submitted a quiz and course evaluation. This program is worth 6 hours CPD for points calculation by your association.



Ari Badaines, PhD's Profile

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Dr Ari Badaines trained as a clinical psychologist in the USA and received a post-doctoral National Institute of Mental Health fellowship in Washington, DC. Ari has been a consultant to numerous organisations including Relate in the UK, Richmond Fellowship and Youth-in-Search in Australia. He has taught at various universities in the USA, UK, and Australia including ACU and ACAP in Sydney and has also has led workshops in over twenty countries. Ari has been in private practice for over 45 years. The main theoretical orientation of his training was psychodynamic psychotherapy, and he had many years of supervised, clinical practice, including a one year pre doctoral internship at a psycho-analytic training institute in New York. As the demands for therapy grew, the ‘payer’ (governments, insurance companies, clients) demanded more parsimonious approaches, Ari undertook trainings to develop the skills for TLDP. He currently maintains a private practice in Sydney, consults to treatment organisations and supervises other therapists; he is a popular presenter for Pesi AU and runs trainings in the UK and Europe twice a year.


Learning objectives of this training:

  1. Clarify and understand the approach and skills unique to couples work. how to 'be in the room' with a couple.
  2. Setting boundaries with couples.
  3. Understand ‘Systemic’ concepts and how to apply these in couples work.
  4. Learn circular questioning and other useful couples techniques.
  5. Know how to work inclusively with a couple and keep the session progressing whilst managing stuck points.
  6. Manage therapist anxiety in situations of conflict and stress during the course of a couples session.
  7. Develop confidence to work with couples.

“Couples work can be very satisfying; however, without the right skills, and it can leave you feeling frustrated and inadequate.  This workshop will bring you some of the most recent, research-based techniques and approaches to build your confidence and allow you to enjoy this challenging work.”  
Dr Ari Badaines

How will you benefit from attending this training?

  • Become familiar with research about what is and what is not effective in couples work.
  • Take away new skills to enhance your work with couples.
  • Address your anxieties, develop confidence, and feel excited about working with couples.


Session 1

  • Making a clear distinction between working with couples and working with individuals.
  • Systems Theory and Solution Focused Therapy applied to couples work.
  • Demonstration and practise circular questioning.
  • Essential components for first and subsequent sessions.

Session 2 

  • Role plays and demonstrations.
  • Further skill and technique development and their applications.
  • Questions, answers and discussion about areas of difficulty and complexity often seen when working with couples.

​Evaluation and quiz - your payment includes a quiz which when completed with a minimum of 80% correct answers, will enable you to download your Attendance Certificate.

To complete the quiz, please log into your account at and click the orange "Certificate" button under the program's title.

Target Audience

This seminar has been designed to extend the clinical knowledge and applied skill of professionals who wish to work with couples or wish to further develop foundational skills for working with couples.

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