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Child-Centered Approaches to Effective Autism Treatment: Practical Strategies that Clinicians & Educators Can Use Right Away!

Jim Ball, EdD, BCBA-D
1 Hour 30 Minutes
Audio and Video
Apr 23, 2021
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Digital Seminar
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All behaviour is communication, and when it comes to figuring out what children on the autism spectrum are trying to say, autism expert and author Jim Ball, Ed.D., BCBA-D, has the answers

Offering a unique look at behaviour through the child's perspective, Dr. Ball will teach you strategies help to reduce challenging behaviours, including:

  • Figuring out why a child is engaging in a specific behaviour 
  • Building an effective child-centred intervention plan 
  • Teaching individuals on the autism spectrum how to change their behaviour  

Stressing how behaviour changes start with the caregiver, you’ll learn strategies to build your “behaviour-investigator” skills, which are essential to create effective intervention plans.

Dr. Ball’s philosophy is to help individuals on the spectrum, not to change who they are. To help them uncover, see and understand their strengths while shaping their unwanted challenges.

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- PESI Australia, in collaboration with PESI in the USA, offers quality online continuing professional development events from the leaders in the field at a standard recognized by professional associations including psychology, social work, occupational therapy, alcohol and drug professionals, counselling and psychotherapy. On completion of the training, a Professional Development Certificate is issued after the individual has answered and submitted a quiz and course evaluation. This online program is worth 1.5 hours CPD for points calculation by your association.



Jim Ball, EdD, BCBA-D's Profile

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James Ball, Ed.D., BCBA-D, is the President/Chief Executive Officer of JB Autism Consulting. He has been in the field of autism for over thirty-five years providing behavioral, educational, residential, and employment services to children and adults affected by autism. Dr. Ball provides private consultation to organizations, schools, and families regarding staff training, parent training, home support services, classroom design/support, functional behavior assessment and behavior management.

Dr. Ball is a member of the Autism Society’s (AS) National Board of Directors, he is currently an honorary board member, with only two other people, Dr. Ruth Sullivan and Dr. Temple Grandin. He was appointed as community member to the Interagency Autism Collaborating Committee (IACC); a past member of the Autism New Jersey; and a past member of the Autism New Jersey, Professional Advisory Board. Dr. Ball served as the co-chairperson of the AS’s Panel of Professional Advisors and is still a member of that panel. He is on the advisory board for the Autism Asperger’s Digest magazine and was a Featured Author for the magazine for 5 years and is on the Board of Directors of The Phoenix Center in Nutley, New Jersey.

Dr. Ball lectures nationally and internationally on various topics related to autism, such as early intervention, inclusion services, functional behavior assessment, social skills training, behavior management, direct instruction, sensory issues, and accountability.?He has published in many of the above areas and authored the award-winning breakthrough book Early Intervention and Autism: Real-life Questions, Real-life Answers, winning the 2008 NAPPA Gold Award Winner, Finalist for the 2008 ForeWord Book of the Year & Gold Award Winner in the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards. Dr. Ball’s second book, You Can’t Make Me: Proactive Strategies for Positive Behavioral Change released September of 2019. In 2020, he shared his talent with Future Horizons and 33 other Authors in the book, Autism in Lockdown, Expert Tips and Insights on Coping with the Covid-19 Pandemic. He co-authored a workbook with Kristie Brown-Lofland entitled, Autism after the Pandemic: A Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Transition Back to School and Work.

Dr. Ball has won numerous awards including: NYFAC’s Autism Inspiration Award, ASA’s Publication Award for his manual on Social Security and Employment for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, Autism New Jersey, formally known as COSAC highest honor, their Distinguished Service Award, and most recently was honored at the Phoenix Center in Nutley, New Jersey during their 20th Anniversary Gala as “Professional of the Year”.


Speaker Disclosure:
Financial: James Ball is president and CEO of JB Autism Consulting. He is the executive chair for the Autism Society – National Board of Directors. Dr. Ball receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.
Non-financial: James Ball is a member of the Autism Society of America; International Association for Applied Behavior Analysis; and the New Jersey Association for Behavior Analysis.


  1. Employ 3 motivation techniques to assist an individual on the autism spectrum in the learning process. 
  2. Use 3 specific teaching techniques that will assist an individual on the autism spectrum in the learning process. 
  3. Design an individualized teaching program that will assist an individual on the autism spectrum in the learning process.


  • Seven Core Strategies for a Successful Program  
  • Functional Communication and Motivation 
  • Function of Behaviour and Plan Development  
  • Evidence Based Positive Approaches 

Target Audience

  • Case Managers 
  • Licensed Clinical/Mental Health Counselors 
  • Marriage & Family Therapists 
  • Nurses 
  • Nursing Home/Assisted Living Administrators 
  • Occupational Therapists 
  • Occupational Therapy Assistants 
  • Physical Therapists 
  • Physical Therapist Assistants 
  • Psychologists 
  • School Administrators 
  • Social Workers 
  • Speech-Language Pathologists 
  • Teachers/School-Based Personnel 

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