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Linda Cundy’s Applying Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice
Treating Complex PTSD
Presented by psychoanalytic psychotherapist, leading author and trainer Linda Cundy
Usually $574.95
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When clients do not have a history of secure attachments, they may blame themselves for being unable to relate in the way they would like. They impose unrealistic expectations on themselves and then self-punish for their perceived failures.

This online course will provide you with the foundational model and tools of attachment theory specifically tailored for applying to your own clinical practice. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to help your clients develop qualities of secure attachment... no matter the modality you’re working with. You’ll discover:

  • The power of the attachment theory model and how it can inform your clinical practice
  • How understanding the “Key Areas of Focus” can overcome insecure attachment and speed healing with your clients
  • The common patterns of insecure attachment and how to adapt your treatment in response
  • How deficits in key areas of relational experience can lead to insecure attachments
  • And so much more!

Course Outline

Evolution of the Attachment Theory Model
You’ll discover how and why the attachment theory model originated including the comprehensive research and neuroscience behind it. This module will equip you with the founding principles that will underlie all your future work with attachment theory, so you can help your clients operate from a secure attachment style which they’ve safely earned through your clinical work together.
Making Use of the Theory
Linda takes a deep dive into how you can use attachment theory in your practice. You’ll work with key areas of focus, attachment patterns and more so you can assess the best course of clinical action with each client to heal the deep wounds that can result from attachment injuries.
Understanding the Relational Attachment Ecosystem
To work with attachment theory, you must understand the impact relational systems can have on your clients. Whether it be family dynamics, generational attachment styles or other contributors, Linda will help you to factor these considerations into your practice to ensure you’re providing clients with the best treatment possible.
Earned Secure Attachment: Coming to Terms with Attachment Grief and Loss
When you successfully work with clients to achieve secure attachment styles, there can be a sense of grief, as the client perceives they’ve lost a part of themselves. Linda will share with you her best interventions for working with this sense of loss. You’ll help clients to understand this loss as an essential part of the healing process and show them how they can promote new healthy behaviours to replace these old defence mechanisms.

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Complex relational dynamics in the treatment of trauma: An immersion seminar with Kathy Steele MN, CS, Michael Soth, and Anne Aiyegbusi, PhD

In this bonus seminar, you’ll hear from three attachment theory experts as they take a deep dive into the impact that complex relational dynamics can have on attachment... and how this can result in injuries such as attachment wounding, trauma and more. You’ll join:

  • Kathy Steele, MN, CS, trauma and dissociation specialist

Kathy focuses on the common dangers and pitfalls around countertransference facing therapists when working with attachment.

  • Michael Soth, integral-relational body psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor

Michael covers the concept of relational enactments, giving you the knowledge to make sure you’re not reenacting prior relationships in clients’ lives which may be detrimental to their understanding of secure attachment styles.

  • Anne Aiyegbusi, PhD, group analyst, forensic psychotherapist and mental health nurse

Anne reveals how complex trauma dynamics can reverberate through groups, teams and institutions... giving you an all-encompassing perspective of how the effect of attachment styles extends to a wide variety of areas in your clients' lives.

Linda Cundy’s Applying Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice
Treating Complex PTSD
Presented by psychoanalytic psychotherapist, leading author and trainer Linda Cundy
Usually $574.95
Get 30-day free access when you register now
Meet The Course Expert

Linda Cundy

Linda Cundy is an attachment-based psychoanalytic psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice, and a trainer specialising in attachment. She has taught on a number of psychotherapy training courses since the 1990s, including a long association with the Wimbledon Guild where she developed a Post Graduate Diploma in Attachment-Based Therapy. She has contributed a number of articles to professional journals and has written / edited four books to date: Love in the Age of the Internet: Attachment in the Digital Era (2015, Karnac), Anxiously Attached: Understanding and Working with Preoccupied Attachment (2017), Attachment and the Defence Against Intimacy: Understanding and Working with Avoidant Attachment, Self-Hatred, and Shame (2018), and Attachment, Relationships and Food: From Cradle to Kitchen (2021). She continues to be involved in training on a freelance basis and plans to spend more time writing. Her main practice is in Stoke Newington, where she offers attachment-based psychotherapy, counselling and clinical supervision.

Who Is This Course For?
This online course is intended for all mental health professionals, including Psychotherapists, Counsellors, IAPT Practitioners, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Nurses, and other mental health professionals.

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Linda Cundy’s Applying Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice
Treating Complex PTSD
Presented by psychoanalytic psychotherapist, leading author and trainer Linda Cundy
Usually $574.95
Get 30-day free access when you register now

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