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The successful resolution of traumatic stress can be simple. 

Studies have shown that there are four key elements required to help facilitate with healing traumatic stress. When you accomplish these with your clients, you'll reduce their symptoms and speed healing.

It can be simple...but it's not easy.

In this online clinical certification training course, we will guide you step-by-step through a proven four-stage framework for navigating these essential elements with your clients.

And since these elements are common to all evidence-based trauma treatments, you can integrate this framework with your current approach or methodology to make your treatment even more effective!

This trauma competency training can transform your practice and trauma treatment outcomes, just as it has for clinicians around the world.

PLUS, this course meets the educational requirements to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) through Evergreen Certifications — at no additional cost to you!

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Intensive Training Course

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Earn up to 12.5 CPD Hours — included in the course tuition.

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Course Modules

Based on 25 years of break-through research, this trauma competency training can revolutionize the way you work with trauma survivors and dramatically improve your treatment outcomes.

Internationally renowned trauma experts Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC, DAAETS, FAAETS, CCTP, and Robert Rhoton, PsyD, LPC, DAAETS, will guide you step by step through eight comprehensive training modules:

The History and Evolution of Traumatic Stress, Grief & Loss
  • Systemic traumatic stress theory and development of the field
  • Symptoms of traumatic stress
  • Evidence-based interventions and emerging treatment trends
  • Instruments to assess traumatic stress
  • The Tri-Phasic trauma treatment model
The 10 Core Competencies of Trauma, PTSD, Grief & Loss
  • Biochemical, psychological, social, and spiritual factors that produce anxiety & traumatic stress
  • Adaptive and maladaptive coping behaviours
  • The biochemical, affective, and cognitive impacts of traumatic stress
  • Traumatic stress over time, across and within developmental stages
  • The role of traumatic stress in clinical disorders, such as personality disorders, dissociative identity disorder and more
  • Conceptualizing a framework of healing for survivors of traumatic stress
  • Traumatic stress across the continuum of systemic levels
Assessment of Traumatic Stress Disorders
  • Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the APA & DSM-5® changes
  • ACE & developmental trauma
  • Diagnosing PTSD with the PCL-5
Evidence-Based Trauma Treatments & Interventions
  • Relaxation/Self-regulation
  • Grounding
  • Containment
  • Writing/journaling
  • Drawing art
  • Healing metaphors
  • Transitional objects
Treatment Interventions: Demonstrations, Exercises & Application
  • Narrative Exposure Therapy Technique
  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
  • Bilateral Stimulation
More on Effective Treatment Intervention
  • Cognitive Behavioural Techniques (PE, CPT & SIT)
  • EMDR & Bilateral Stimulation
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Sensorimotor
Desensitization, Integration & Closure
  • Trauma memory processing
  • Graphic timeline
  • Narratives
  • Closure: lessons learned
Theories of Traumatic Stress, Loss and Grief & Disorders
  • Information processing model
  • Psychosocial model
  • Contemporary thoughts
  • Bereavement and adjustment disorders
  • Normal and complicated bereavement

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Intensive Training Course

$659.95 Value
Just $399.95 (GST Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Evergreen Certifications
Are you ready to step into the life awaiting you as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP)?
Certification Made Simple
It’s never been easier to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP).

Step 1: Watch this online course.
Step 2: Complete the CPD quiz and instantly print your certificate of completion.
Step 3: Submit the Certification Questionnaire included in this training, and your application is complete.*
Click here for certification requirements.

That’s it! No hidden fees. No catch. Just certification made EASY.

*Professional Standards apply
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Benefits of Certification
Clinical expertise: Show clients and colleagues your practice is based on leading-edge research in this complex area of mental health.
Client Trust: Certification shows your clients you care about providing the best care possible. It reveals your professional ability to take on challenging clients, and succeed!
Documentation of knowledge: Certification is both a professional and personal accomplishment. It’s an unbiased barometer of your training and dedication to your practice.
Professional recognition: Set yourself apart from the thousands of clinicians relying on outdated methods to treat their clients. Increase your opportunities for career advancement and client referrals.
Free Bonus (Valued at $159.95) — Yours When You Register Today!
FREE Trauma Therapist Toolkit!

Enjoy a collection of valuable resources developed specifically for trauma treatment professionals, including a PDF e-book, and worksheets! This free trauma therapist toolkit includes:
  • Traumatology Toolkit — A 138-page e-book that's filled with assessment instruments, treatment protocols, and more!
  • Assessments and intervention worksheets you can implement immediately in your practice.
PLUS, the fee to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional is included!
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Intensive Training Course

$659.95 Value
Just $399.95 (GST Inclusive) Today — Unbeatable Savings!
Plus, earn up to 12.5 CPD Hours included in the course tuition.

BONUS! Your Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) certification (a $99.95 value)
is included in today’s deeply discounted registration!
Meet the Internationally-Renowned Course Experts:
Eric Gentry
Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC, DAAETS, FAAETS, CCTP, is an internationally recognized leader in the field of disaster and clinical traumatology, having trained thousands of professionals and paraprofessionals worldwide in the treatment of traumatic stress. His doctorate is from Florida State University, where he studied with Professor Charles Figley, one of the pioneers of traumatic stress. Dr. Gentry was one of the original faculty members of the Traumatology Institute and later became the co-director of the International Traumatology Institute at the University of Southern Florida. Dr. Gentry, along with Dr. Anna Baranowsky, is the co-author and co-owner of the Traumatology Institute Training Curriculum — 17 courses in field and clinical traumatology leading to seven separate certifications.
Click here for information about J. Eric Gentry
Robert Rhoton
Robert Rhoton, PsyD, LPC, DAAETS, is a retired faculty member from at Ottawa University (Phoenix) where he worked for 20 years in the Behavioral Sciences and Counseling Department. Dr. Rhoton’s primary interests are training counsellors to work with traumagenic family dynamics; child & family trauma; and non-egoic models of treatment. As CEO of Arizona Trauma Institute, Dr. Rhoton has supervised multiple outpatient clinics, juvenile justice programs, and intensive outpatient substance abuse programs for adolescents. As well as, day treatment programs for children and youth, adult offender programs, child and family therapeutic services, advanced training in child and adolescent trauma treatment, family therapy and family trauma work.
Click here for information about Robert Rhoton
The Next Steps in Advancing Your Practice
Watch your email for your order confirmation, and get instant access to all course materials, including the bonus materials — all designed to help you effectively integrate these trauma treatment techniques into your practice and your life. Click here for course objectives and outline.
Review the course materials at your own pace and at your convenience! You'll have unlimited access to all course videos and materials online forever. Plus, use the PESI Mobile app to access the course content on your phone or tablet. Choose video or audio-only versions of online courses from the world’s best instructors, and complete your CPD requirements anywhere, anytime, at your own pace.
Instantly collaborate with other professionals on the course materials through interactive message boards. You'll be part of a community of hundreds of practitioners all focused on integrating these trauma treatment techniques in clinical practice, providing valuable opportunities to share insight and experiences and to build your professional network.
Complete your online CPD tests and earn up to 12.5 CPD hours!
Complete the certification application — at no additional cost — to become a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) through Evergreen Certifications!
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Intensive Training Course

Valued at $659.95
Today Just $399.95 (GST Inclusive) — Stunning Savings!
Plus, earn up to 12.5 CPD Hours included in the course tuition.

BONUS! Your Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) certification (a $99.95 value)
is included in today’s deeply discounted registration!
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