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Here’s the problem: even after the pandemic is over, we're not going back. COVID-19 will likely be a part of our “new normal,” the virus will likely circulate from season to season well into the future, and we must find ways to adapt our practices for the long run.


We’ll also need to be equipped with accurate, up-to-date information about COVID-19, not only to keep our clients & practices safe, but also to help guide clients who are anxious and worried to know the facts and real risks. Because let’s face it – COVID-19 is now a part of the equation for years to come.

Therapy in a Post-Pandemic World:
How to Help Your Anxious Clients & Safely Re-Open Your Office

$239.95 Value
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In this exclusive never-before-seen course designed just for therapists, Dr. Kelly Fradin, MD, will:

  1. Walk you, step-by-step, through what mental health professionals need to know about the science, in an easily explainable way, to help clients understand COVID-19, particularly those who are worried and anxious.

  2. Show you how and when to bring clients back to the office safely, including specific actions you can take, incorporating testing, and the exact questionnaire you can give to clients before they arrive to help mitigate their risk and yours.

  3. Cover the most up-to-date facts about the risks of COVID from the latest research on the disease process, transmission, vaccination, and more. Hint: we’ve learned a lot in the past year that doesn't make the headlines.

  4. Address the 7 specific stressors clients are facing and will face as we step into the new normal, and give unique advice for handling the unique stressors that will impact our client in the coming year around socializing, school, vacations, careers, and more.

  5. Provide specific insights into how the pandemic has affected children and teens, and what advice she’s giving parents and families.
Therapy in a Post-Pandemic World:
How to Help Your Anxious Clients & Safely Re-Open Your Office

$239.95 Value
Just $149.95 (GST Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Earn 3.75 CPD included in the course tuition.
“Last March, my kids schools shut down, my practice was wrecked, and the news was terrifying.
As a paediatrician, I devoted myself to understanding this disease both physically and psychologically, and now I want to share what I’ve learned with therapists like you so we can partner together to get back to life safely, re-open our offices confidently, and help our clients and ourselves thrive in a new normal. This course was specifically designed for therapists, and I know you’ll find answers to your most pressing questions that will not only help you, but help your anxious and worried clients. See you in the course!”

— Dr. Kelly Fradin, MD
Author, Parenting in a Pandemic

What Therapists Should Know for Clients Worried About COVID-19
  • Sorting fact from fiction and understanding the numbers
  • Assessing the risks of serious illness
  • Strategies for mitigating risk to yourself and your clients in your clinical work
  • How to understand vaccination and what it means

Bringing Clients Back to Your Office Safely
  • Setting up your office
  • Understanding ventilation strategies
  • Re-examining how you schedule clients
  • The utility of wearing masks or not wearing masks in the office
  • Properly understanding what COVID-19 testing can and can’t do

Helping Clients Navigate Decision Making
  • Safety vs social isolation – assessing the risks and benefits to client well-being on their diagnosis
  • Helping clients cope when others don’t agree or reciprocate the way they are choosing to lower their risk of getting sick
  • Prioritizing robust support systems, marriages, and friends

Working with the Specific Post-Pandemic Stressors Facing Parents, Kids, & Families
  • Why guilt is an under-recognized stressor among parents and how to work with it
  • Dis-enfranchised grief and loss
  • Loss of control - working with problems that can’t be solved right now
  • What anger is really all about in this time
  • How anxiety and fear are taking on new meaning in this time
  • The long-term effects of isolation and how to lower the risks

Six Techniques to Help Improve Home & Family Life for Clients
  • How to lower expectations without falling behind
  • How and why family meetings have new meaning going forward
  • What isolation has done to our bodies – incorporating exercise and movement is more important than ever
  • Media exposure is doing more than you might think
  • Control over media exposure, choosing how we discuss the virus and our mitigation efforts
  • Specific sleep recommendations and the power of routines

Addressing the BIG Long-Term Impacts of the Pandemic Among Parents, Kids, & Families
  • The long-term effects of 2020-2021 on social and emotional development
  • Ways you can improve remote learning or hybrid learning
  • How kids might be displaying anxiety in different ways today and how to help
  • Fostering a growth mindset even after a difficult year

Where Are We Headed Now? What Life & Therapy Looks Like After a Pandemic
  • Data from previous global pandemics
  • Longer-term issues that will surface you should know about right now
  • The ways our clients will need help as we re-orient in a new normal
Therapy in a Post-Pandemic World:
How to Help Your Anxious Clients & Safely Re-Open Your Office

$239.95 Value
Just $149.95 (GST Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Earn 3.75 CPD included in the course tuition.
Meet the Course Expert:
Kelly Fradin

Kelly Fradin, MD, is a paediatrician, mother of two, and child advocate from NYC. After graduating from Harvard College with an undergraduate honours degree in psychology, she completed her doctorate at the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. She finished her pediatric training at the Children's Hospital at Montefiore where she stayed on working as an Assistant Professor and Attending in complex care paediatrics. Since she's transitioned to working in school health. Given her interest in public health, writing has allowed her to help thousands of parents by sharing her calm, evidence-based perspective.

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Therapy in a Post-Pandemic World:
How to Help Your Anxious Clients & Safely Re-Open Your Office

$239.95 Value
Just $149.95 (GST Inclusive) Today — Unbelievable Savings!
Earn 3.75 CPD included in the course tuition.

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