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Digital Seminar

The Buddha's Wife: The Power of Relational Mindfulness in Clinical Practice

Janet Surrey, Ph.D.
1 Hour 15 Minutes
Nov 13, 2016
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Digital Seminar
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Insight Dialogue is a co-meditative practice specifically bringing mindfulness into relationship, including speaking and listening. Using the methods of Insight Dialogue, clinicians develop increased awareness of their co-created interpersonal patterns, and thereby deepen their personal and professional presence. Using the story of the historical Buddha’s wife as an anchoring example, this talk explores the foundations and significant implications of interpersonal resonance for healing and clinicians’ harnessing presence as a relational unity. Clinical applications for the therapy relationship will be discussed and demonstrated.


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Janet Surrey, PhD is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Newton.  She is a Founding scholar of the Jean Baker Miller Training Institute at the Stone Center, Wellesley College and a Board member of the Institute for Meditation and Psychotherapy. She is trained as an Insight Dialogue teacher in the Buddhist Theravadan tradition and co-author of The Buddha's Wife: the Path of Awakening Together.

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Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Case Managers, Addiction Counselors, Therapists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Nurses, Other Mental Health Professionals


  1. Maximize your understanding of the guidelines for relational mindfulness
  2. Communicate how to tailor the practice to clinical relational situations -- especially deep listening and wise speech
  3. Establish how mindfulness practiced in relationship can help clients with relational / interpersonal difficulties


  1. Understanding the nature of the relational field in psychotherapy
  2. Guidelines for relational mindfulness
  3. Tailor relational mindfulness practice to clinical situations
    1. Deep listening skills
    2. Wise speech skills
  4. Practicing mindfulness in relationships

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