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Shame and the Disowned Self: Overcoming Internal Attachment Disorder

Copyright : 24/03/2017

The Attachment Dance with Traumatized Clients

Copyright : 24/03/2017

When Unresolved Attachment Trauma Is the Problem: Working with Avoidant and Disorganized Clients

Copyright : 24/03/2017

BONUS: Trauma Therapy in Perspective: Lessons from the Past 25 Years featuring Janina Fisher


  1. Explore how to integrate EMDR therapy into an existing framework for trauma treatment.


  • The limitations of exposure therapy and alternative strategies for bolstering cognitive, emotional, physical, and behavioral resilience
  • The contribution that brain science, somatic therapy, mindfulness, and the practice of “dual awareness” can make to trauma recovery
  • Practical methods for heightening right-brain-to-right-brain communication in therapy



Copyright : 27/09/2012

BONUS: Promoting Post-Traumatic Growth: From Devastation to Hope featuring Lisa Ferentz


  1. Assess the concept of Post-Traumatic Growth and how it differs from simple recovery from trauma.


  • Help clients tap into their deepest inner wisdom by reinforcing personal strengths and tapping into remembered resources
  • Integrate writing exercises, drawing, role-plays, guided imagery, and the creative arts to enrich the therapy experience
  • Guide clients through the key transition points in the process of post-traumatic growth



Copyright : 30/08/2012