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The Integrated Therapist with Bessel van der Kolk, MD, Richard Schwartz, PhD, & Frank Anderson, MD

In this opening session of the course, Dr. Frank Anderson facilitates a dialogue between world-renowned trauma researcher, clinician and author Dr. Bessel van der Kolk and the creator of Internal Family Systems, Dr. Richard Schwartz.

Join these experts in a lively discussion as to why the integration of treatment modalities is important as well as identifying when integration is ineffective or potentially harmful.

Copyright : 01/03/2021

Internal Family Systems and the Integration of Neuroscience & Trauma Treatment

Join Dr. Anderson as he presents how Internal Family Systems as a therapy model differs from traditional phase-oriented trauma treatment models. He shows you how the model addresses extreme or self-destructive behaviors without creating reactivity. Expert in explaining material in easy to understand language, he will also teach you how to apply IFS core concepts to repair the client’s internal disconnections created by trauma.

Copyright : 05/03/2021

EMDR & IFS: The Power of Modality Integration for Improved Treatment Outcomes

Internal Family Systems and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) are found by many clinicians to be of high therapeutic value when used alone. But have you wondered what it would be like to integrate these two approaches together?

Join Dr. Korn for this exciting presentation and interview that explores combining these two approaches and compares the similarities and differences. This exploration includes the importance of resource development and installation (RDI) in trauma work, helping flooded clients, having clients move at their own pace, using cognitive interweaves and interventions, and managing comorbidities.

Copyright : 25/01/2021

Cognitive Processing Therapy & IFS for Trauma Treatment: Exploring the Relationship Between Cognition Based Approaches and Parts of Self

This presentation with CPT expert Dr. Kate Chard, will give you an overview of Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) as an evidence-based treatment for treating trauma. In this interview presentation hosted by Dr. Frank Anderson, Dr. Kate Chard explains the model and as CPT as a form of cognitive therapy that helps individuals heal from their trauma by helping them confront old beliefs and reconstruct there narrative of why the trauma occurred. The presentation includes a discussion around the differences and similarities between distinct therapy approaches.

Copyright : 04/03/2021

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) & IFS for Trauma & Dissociation

Copyright : 29/01/2021

Frank Anderson Q&A Call - 12/9/21 Recording

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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy & IFS: Trauma Informed Choices When Working Within the Mind and the Body

In this engaging conversational session, Janina Fisher, PhD, a nationally and nationally recognized psychotherapist, consultant, and author, to learn about Sensorimotor Psychotherapy – and the integration of SP with IFS.

Explore the key theoretical premises, therapeutic foundations and application through experience-based examples. This session gives attention treating trauma through the integration of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy with Internal Family Systems (IFS) and with other trauma-informed therapeutic modalities. 

Copyright : 28/01/2021

DBT & IFS Strategies for Addressing Emotion Regulation, Symptom Reduction and Mindfulness

Join Dr. Lane Pederson as he and Dr. Anderson in a lively discussion that delves into the essential aspects and assumptions of the Dialectical Behavior model. Compare and contrast these two theoretical models and learn ways to embrace DBT Skill to use with an IFS approach. Leave this session with ways to create this integration in a way that can improve client treatment outcomes.

Copyright : 25/01/2021

Integrating Psychedelic Medicines and Psychotherapy with IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Other Modalities

Interest in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is growing – and many mental health professionals are keen to understand the science, the state of the evidence and how psychedelics will influence their practice.

Join Dr. Call as she brings you an in-depth look at what medications are currently under investigation and which clients may benefit. Learn what a typical integrative ketamine session entails and the role of the therapist in the sessions.

Benefit from a lively discussion about the myths and fears of using this kind of medication with your clients and learn more about how to further your knowledge and skills in this arena.

Copyright : 22/01/2021

Putting the Pieces Together: Course Closing with Frank Anderson, MD

Join Dr. Anderson for this closing presentation that concludes the Integration of IFS and various psychotherapy methods used effectively in the treatment of trauma.

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Frank Anderson Q&A Call - 2/10/2022 Recording

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Living Legends Panel Discussion Recording #1

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Living Legends Panel Discussion Recording #2

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