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Erotic Recovery for Low-Sex & No-Sex Couples: Tammy Nelson's step-by-step training course

Copyright : 01/11/2019

The Rules of the New Monogamy: The Changing Face of Committed Relationships

More couples today than ever before are negotiating their monogamy in new and creative ways, including open marriage, polyamory, group marriages, transgender relationships, and a variety of intentional partnerships. As therapists, we need to understand these new developments, the challenges they bring, and the skills required of us to remain open and aware of our own triggers when addressing them. In this workshop, you’ll explore:

  • How to help clients develop a code of integrity that will define their monogamy and develop their own unique shared definition of honesty, even if it involves a departure from traditional sexual fidelity
  • How to coach clients on negotiating flexible monogamy arrangements as well as how to renegotiate a new one after infidelity

Why open marriages work for some and fail for others—and how to identify the early problem signs and help couples recover when the arrangement isn’t working


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